At YVR.Buzz, we aim to provide locals with exciting, fun to read articles on locally-themed topics. We want you to enjoy this crazy city that we live in. Our content is thoughtful, witty and original and we have selected our staff and contributors to maintain a high standard of interesting, detail-oriented posts. 

YVR.Buzz is produced by Rhino Media Group, which was founded in 2005 by Matthew Turgeon. The company specializes in online classified sites and magazines in the real estate industry. Late in 2014, Rhino MG began to think about strategies to diversify their online portfolio by branching out into varying industries. The company felt especially enthusiastic about building a network of news sites that readers could visit to find quality content and valuable information about the city in which they live.

Our categories and sub-categories have been selected to be as inclusive as possible, covering fashion, politics, music, news, local businesses and events. Really, anything you could imagine! Vancouver is a cultural hub, with each neighbourhood varying from one to the next. Let’s navigate them together.

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